Monday, August 10, 2009

Burning It Off

Today I have this image in my mind of burning off illusions and getting to the pure truth. I am imagining that I am on fire and stuff is just burning off of me, leaving me light and pure of illusions. It is a white hot flame verses a red flame. It is intense hot - so hot it is cold.

I'm actually not in this state but i know this state and I’m craving it. This is the state that comes after one wakes up and lets go of some illusion. I want to let go of my illusions but I’m gripping onto them unconsciously so tight that my consciousness cannot even seem to find where I am holding it.

I'm praying for mercy with these illusions. I don't even know what category they fall in or where they come from, all I know is that they're there because I feel the symptoms of illusionary thinking and feeling. That is the only clue that they exist for me. MERCY! BURN BABY BURN!

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