Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, this blog was inspired by reading
Jon Skeet's Faith Blog I found his blog beacuse I followed his C# programming blog which is also very inspiring! Well done Jon!

Well, anyway, I have been looking for a spiritual community for a while. I started doing yoga pretty intensely in 2004 and it had some sort of "awakening effect" on me. I also went through a lot of personal loss and grief in 2006 - 2008 which had a "come-to-Jesus" effect on me. These two things combined have left me with a daily commitment to cultivating my spiritual side.

I've found the practice of walking labyrinths to be very helpful. You can usually find labyrinths at Episcopal and Catholic areas.
World Wide Labyrinth Locator

Also, I found this Zen Temple in Chicago
Zen Temple
and I started going to the services.

I've learned a lot about this sect of Buddhism already. The biggest shocker was that Buddha is seen as a human. A very wise human. We all have "Buddha nature" and can become awakened.

I am personally an interfaith believer. I like all religions and am interested in learning about them and their practices.

Many roads but one path!

So, this blog will be about fBuddhism as well as other spiritual practices. It will focus a lot on Zen practices and experiences as I learn more about them from the Temple I have just joined.

In Buddhism there is the Sangha, Buddha, and the Dharam. Sangha is the community. I do believe the power of the Sangha. We're all here in this together trying to figure it out and the more we can open our hearts to one another, the better! So, i hope in reading this you can open your heart to me and what I'm sharing as well as me to you in your comments. Together we can become wiser and help end our suffering and others.


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