Saturday, August 29, 2009

100 Days of Yoga

Someone told me once that if you were going to try Asthanga Yoga then you should do it for 100 days in a row, resting on Saturdays, Moon days, and when you had a fever. If you did that, then you would really know what it was all about. I'm sure i have done 100 days in a row before but it has been a few years. I had a great practice but it feel apart due to some hardships I experienced. I want it back, but it has been a challenge.

So, I am starting a 100 day count as of today. I'm going to do my yoga practice and also 10 deep breaths and 10 mins of meditation each morning and each night. I know full well that if I do this that my spiritual awakenings will appear more often, my mood will improve, and my attachments and gripping to things I "want" will lessen. I will be able to flow more with the universe. I will open more to God. That is what yoga is all about.

I know there will be challenges though. There will be mornings where i am hungover or too tired. There will be times when I will be so sad or in crisis that my 100 days will seem not important. However, now is a good time for me to do it and re-create my practice as it was a few years ago. Well, who knows really what will happen or if now is a good time, but i'm going to go for it now. I'm setting my intentions.

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