Sunday, August 30, 2009

Guided Meditation CD's

If you are looking for some guided meditation CD's, these are great.

Go to iTunes and search for David Harshada Wagner.

I would recommend the Meditation for Everyone CD

Link to Banyan Education Website


Chondon Chondro said...

Dr. Kathleen emphasizes the important role of endorphins, our “<a href="http://ww

Chondon Chondro said...

Kathleen’s Cellular Meditations audio CDs engage all the ‘brains’ of the body—in every cell. Practical balancing, visioning & cellular breathing to help normalize biochemical imbalances, reprogram negative patterns, release feel-good endorphins throughout the body, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and up the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and complement all other ongoing therapies. Based on physiology and neurochemistry, you are guided on a relaxing journey through the universe of the body, stimulating a calming, natural high. Science now validates the conscious mind’s ability to alter neuro-peptides generated through meditation.
to Dr R Brand
Longevity Pure Medicine
Immune Sweet