Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Desire

OK. This one is tough. Desire.

Desire for pleasure.
Desire for life.
Desire for the end of something that is not bringing pleasure.

When we feel desire we often believe that if we attain the "thing" we want that we will be happy. However, this is a lie.

So, how do we work with this constant desire? What do we do with it? Why do we have it? Is it just to torture us?

First, we accept and surrender:

1. Accept desire as a constant and a natural thing - it isn't going away
2. Accept the object of desire to be an ever moving target
"For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens
3. Surrender to the present moment such that if you do not have the object of your desire that you accept it and stop fighting it
4. You feel your fustration, loss and pain completely

Secondly, use your heart and your mind to explore your desire:

1. What is it you desire, really?
2. Why do you desire this?
3. Is this a habit or want based in fear? Or is the root of this desire joy and love?
4. Is this desire actualized going to bring joy and love to you and the world?

Lastly, understand that desire is the carrot in front of the cart but it isn't the final destination:

Desire is given to you for a reason. If you want something, and you believe with all of your heart and mind that your reasons are rooted in joy and love, then by all means ask for it, visualize it, and go get it. "TAKE YOUR PASSION AND MAKE IT HAPPEN" - flashdance. But, desire is the carrot. You are the horse. The destianation is only known to the universe or God.

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