Sunday, August 30, 2009

Practice of non-Judgement

"Judgement is the constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad. When you are constantly evaluating, classifying, labeling, analyzing, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue. This turbulence constricts the flow of energy..." Deepak Chopra

Good vs. Bad
Black vs. White
Moral judgements - "It is important to remember that all of these judgements of the mind are just products of our conditioning. And whether our judgements are applied to ourselves or others, they keep us from experiencing the beauty and godliness that lies within." Osho

There is a Zen story of an old man who lost his horse:
The man's friends said to him "Wow, what bad luck!" He responded "We shall see." The next day the horse returned with three other horses. The friends said "What good luck!" He responded, "We shall see." The next day, his son feel off one of the new horses and broke his leg. The friends said "What bad luck!" He responded "We shall see." The day after that, the military came to take all the young men but they wouldn't take the old man's son due to his broken leg. The friends said "What good luck!" He responded "We shall see."

Being fully conscious means practicing non-judgement. How long can you go without judging something? What does that even look like? Non-judgement practice is the practice of accepting what is and of learning to love reality. Acceptance is about truth. What is the truth of this moment? Can you just accept the truth without judgement? Can you let it be just as it is without thinking it would be better if it were different? Without avoiding your feelings? Can you put all of your body and your actions behind the total truth that is in this moment? If so, you are conscious.

"Knowing the truth is fairly useless; feeling it is profound; living it makes all the difference." - David Deida

The practice of non-judgement helps in exiting the dream and becoming more conscious. It helps to wake up!

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