Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New In Town

Moving towns means finding a new spiritual community. Columbus, Ohio is a fantastic place for this because the people here are warm and open.

I'm looking at a few different places and trying to find the right groove for my life.

1. First Columbus Unitarian
I grew up going to a Unitarian Church. When I went, it felt like a homecoming. The people are so nice and the church is beautiful. The congregation is huge for a unitarian church. I started reading a book about Unitarians. The history is so rich. It really amazes me that there is a spiritual community that has as its basic premise that we are all searching and there is no one right way or answer.

2. Central Ohio Buddhism
Columbus has a strong Thich Nhat Hanh community here. There are four different Thich Nhat Hanh groups! The only issue is that they are on work nights and its hard to get there in the traffic. These groups are so special!

3. King Ave Methodist Church
This one I'm going to try on Sunday. I have heard that it is a beautiful church and on their front page is acceptance for gender and sexual orientation. I have heard good things.

Social Justice seems to be important to all of these communities. They're doing amazing work here in Columbus.

Columbus Ohio's spiritual community has it going on! Thank you to everyone who builds spiritual community such that you make it easy to accept newbies to a town.

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