Sunday, July 10, 2011

King Avenue Cry Baby

What the heck is up with crying at Church? For some reason, I have become a huge Church crier. I tear up at hymns, the message, prayers, when i receive communion and when we share things. I have become incredibly emotional at Church.

I think I am incredibly emotional at King Ave Methodist Church because I am out as a gay person and there are lots of other gay people and we are accepted there and its a very powerful experience. I'm embarrassed at how important and touching it actually is for me. I would so prefer not to care and to be past wanting acceptance into Christian Fellowship, but as a matter of fact, its important to me and its very moving to be in Church and to feel accepted as an equal, not someone who needs special attention saving.

However, there is more at play here than just being gay at Church and not bursting into flames. I think I'm actually being touched by Jesus, believe it or my heart. Love fills my heart and I get all broken up. Its a truly amazing experience when i can let myself feel it. I love King Ave Methodist Church. I'm so grateful for King Ave.

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